Terms of renting

Booking Procedure

Once you have found the apartment you require, please e-mail us

2. In about 24 hours you will receive a confirmation from our manager that the required apartment is available.

3. If you want us to reserve this flat you would need to send us a deposit of $60. (the rest of the sum you will need to pay in cash after your arrival)

Click here to pay by credit card

If you do not want to send a deposit we will get you the best flat available at the time of your arrival.

How you will pay for your apartment: You will be asked on arrival for the rest of the sum in cash.

For 4 nights and more reservation we provide advance booking system
For 1-3 nights reservation there is no booking in advance. In this case your reseration can be completed by either:
1. payment for 4 nights to guarantee the reservation of certain apartment;
2. fitting in between other two reservation by booking an available apartment for min 3 nights;
3. calling us upon your arrival to be accommodated at any available apartment at the moment. Thus, apartment price and
location will be determined only on your arrival date. 


Apartment is considered booked after the deposit is received. The deposit is $60. 
Your deposit will be deduced from the total sum of payment upon your arrival and final calculation. The balance of the rent
is required to be paid at your arrival along with a copy of your passport and the security/breakage deposit $100, which will
be returned to you at the day of your departure.
The $60 deposit is non refundable, thus, make sure you booked your flight before making your reservation. Dates of booking are
not transferred. 

Cancellation policy

Accommodation reservation represents manual commitment. From our side we guarantee apartment availability for the whole
period booked, and refuse other clients interested in the apartment. On the other hand, we strongly encourage you to plan
your trip before booking the apartment. If you decide to cancel your reservation at any time, or change your dates, your
deposit will not be refunded. As well as, the apartment rent will not be refunded in case you leave the apartment prior to
the designated date. 

Check-in, check-out

Check-in time - 2 p.m.(14:00), Check-out time - 12 p.m. (12:00)

According to our policy early check in is charged as the full daily apartment cost. However, we will do our best to
accommodate you in case of earlier availability status. 
In case of early arrival and early check-in necessary, please, consider booking for the previous to your arrival night.
Late check out (before 6 p.m.) is charged as half daily apartment cost, after 6 p.m. as a full daily apartment cost. Late
check-out is available in cases when your apartment does not have later reservation on this day. 
Reservations for Early check-in and Late check-out are completed in advance only. 

Force Majeur 

Reserved apartment is a subject to be changed if some electricity/water/heating cut off or breakdown occurs and it can not be fixed by your arrival date. In this case we provide you with similar accommodation (or even better apartment at the same price) without prior notice. 

If you require clarification of the above terms and conditions or any other aspect of these accommodations, please  contact us by email

or by phone  +38-0675635906. We will do our best to answer your queries promptly and positively. 

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