Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cindyagency?

Cindyagency is an agency representing ladies from Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog and Poltava, Ukraine. 

We don't accept ladies' profiles online, all our ladies must visit one of our local offices in person to place their information at our site. That's why we can guarantee that all our ladies are real.

We provide you the opportunity to correspond with the ladies by email, even if they do not have an email address. You send email message to us, we translate it into Russian, and deliver directly to the lady you wrote to. She can then respond immediately. Her message is translated into English for you, and you receive it in your e-mailbox at 

What are the costs?

First, you purchase Credits so that you do not have to use your credit card each time you want to send  email. Your Credit Account is debited by one Credit for each e-letter you send. There is NO CHARGE for messages you receive.

1 Credit - from $3,98 to $5,00  depending how many credits you purchase at once. 


What is the Gentlemen's Listing?

We print your BioData and Photos  to be seen by the ladies in our office. Ladies will look at your listing when they come to our office and send and  receive e-mail to you.

Gentlemen's Listings are absolutely safe. Your Last Name, Address, Etc. are NOT included in the listing. Only our ladies can view the listings while they are physically in our agency's office. There is NO CHANCE that your listing will be seen by friends/neighbors/colleagues. back to top


Is there a fee for a Gentlemen's Listing?

No. Gentlemen's Listings are free. back to top


How can I view/update my profile? 

For your privacy we do not display your profile online. However you can view/update your profile if you send us a letter with a request.  back to top


Can I get the lady's street address, e-mail address and telephone number?

We no longer allow exchanging contact information such as home address, email address and phone number free of charge.

Exchanging contact information  would cost $25 (no matter how many letters you have exchanged).

However there is no need to buy her contact information. You can meet any of our ladies while you are in her home city.  If you sent at least 5 letters to the lady via our agency, we organize a meeting with her for free. If you sent some (but fewer than 5) letters  to the lady via our agency, we organize a meeting with her and give you a proper discount.

Very few ladies have their own e-mail addresses, therefore they need to use an agency. Many have telephones, but only a few speak English well enough to converse by phone. Conversing face to face is much easier.  back to top

Where do I send and receive my e-mails?

Sending. You can send e-mails by clicking on the e-mail link next to a lady's photo featured on

Receiving. You receive all incoming messages in your  e-mailbox at You are not charged for messages you receive.  back to top

How do I pay?

We accept payments by Credit Cards and by Western Union. Please, click here for more info.  back to top

Can I send photos with my e-mail?

Yes, send your photos in JPG format to  


with the notice which lady you want to give them to.

a) Free photo delivering 

We receive and print your photos in black and white. (Size of one photo is limited up to 100 Kbytes. Number of photos no more than 2 with one letter .) Your photos are available for the lady upon her request once she comes to our office. 

b) Paid photo delivering (recommended) 

We receive and print your photos in colors. ( Size and number of the photos are not limited) Your photos will be sent to the lady by registered mail. Cost: $5 for each photo. 
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Are my e-letters translated for the lady?

Yes, as well as her e-letters to you.  back to top


How long does it take to get a response?

We do our best to deliver your letter as fast as we can. Usually she receives your letter at the same day when you send it. However it could take up to 7 days depending on lady's working/studying schedule.  back to top

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