3–way phone translation service

Call the woman of your dream TODAY!

If you do not have her phone number it is not a problem!

3-way conference call is an excellent way of communication with people whose English knowledge is not sufficient yet to converse by phone. Cindy agency can help you to fill this gap and suggest our professional conference call service. It doesn't matter which city you wish to place a call - we can setup 3-way call with any Ukrainian city as our second line allows to establish the long distance call.
We charge only $1 per minute.

How it works 

1. Make a phone reservation by e-mail. 

2. We will contact the lady, schedule the phone call and send you a confirmation by e-mail.

3. Call our office at the time we agreed and ask for a call interpreter. . The interpreter will immediately call to the lady and you will be able to talk to her. 38-056-778-02-79

4.  Pay online after the phone interpreting is made. The price is $1 per minute.  

How to make a phone reservation:

To make the call time convenient for both you and your party, we would appreciate if you gave us three optional dates and times, when you would like to schedule your call. Please take into consideration the time difference between the two countries, you do not want to call the woman in the middle of the night, or call her during the day when she is most likely at work. For Ukraine time difference is 7 hours ahead of New York time and 2 hours ahead of London time. see current local time here

Send us an e-mail to

and mention:

a) your login or full name

b) lady's ID (only if a lady is not our client, we would need her phone number)

c) three optional dates and times, when you would like to schedule your call. Service is available from 16.00-19.00 local time (14.00-17.00 London time; 9.00-12.00 New York time)

 Why Call?

  • Not everybody calls, so it makes you much more special to her.
  • Your contact by phone is much more intimate and memorable than by mail or email and you get immediate feedback.
  • Her voice along with the photo can tell you a lot more about the lady. Also, you can tell if she is interested in you and you will know if it's worthwhile spending more efforts corresponding with her.

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