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  About our russian bride dating agency
Our dating agency specializes in introducing Ukrainian women, Russian brides who seek contacts with Western Men for the future marriage. Postal address, phone number, working hours and our e-mail locate at this page.

  Free registration for men and single russian women
Register your profile for free and the ladies will email you. We have over 2000 profiles in our database. Every week we post new profiles of single russian women. Our dating agency gives you an opportunity to find real russian wives!

  Search Russian brides, russian girls or women
Start searching at this page in order to find photo and details about woman of your dreams! Browse among more than 2000 russian girls' profiles in our database.

  Use dating services at our russian brides agency
Take the benefits from some of our free dating services, which offer dating site: free membership, free e-mail & translation from Russian girls and so on. Employ our personal assistance in 3–way phone interpreting with your Russian bride, flower and gift deliveries etc.

  E-mail forwarding & translations for you and your russian bride
Start relationship with russian brides by using our e-mail forwarding and translation service. All the translations are free! You pay only for letter delivering. Follow the instruction step by step on this page

  Making photos and videos of your russian lady
If you found a russian lady of your dream at our dating site get more her photos. Our dating agency can invite a professional photographer and make photo session.

  Make a phone call to your russian girl! Phone interpreting service
Since russian lady's english knowledge is not sufficient to converse by phone, our dating agency offers 3–way phone translation service. Even if you don't know her phone number we will help you with it! Call the woman of your dream TODAY! Her voice along with the photo can tell you a lot more about the lady.

  Send flowers to russian bride who lives in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye or Krivoy Rog
Send flowers and gifts to russian lady. All delivery services for our western customers who want to present classic red roses bouquet, box of chocolate, Teddy bear toy, cake or candies "Raffaello", baloons and so on to the lady.

  English classes for your future russian wife
Since most of russian women don't know english well. We can help your future wife with english by providing individual classes. The courses include: personal training with teacher, student will be instructed on how to read, write, and speak English. Class times and location are flexible. For more details please visit this page.

  Payments page for dating russian bride service
Please visit our payment service page. Use Credit Cards or Western Union order.

  Make dating tour to meet your russian bride personally
After sending letters and phone conversations it is time to date your russian brides. We are happy to assist you with meetting at the airport or railway station, personal secretary-interpreter, renting apartments, Individual meetings with the ladies. Make personal tour to Dnepropetrovsk or Zaporozhye or Krivoy Rog and find your future russian wife.

  During your personal tour use our rental apartments service
Rent apartments in Dnepropetrovsk or Krivoy Rog while dating russian girls in the cities. All apartments are located in the central area and belong to dating agency. They are the best alternative to Dnepropetrovsk hotels, because we offer completely serviced apartments for daily rent at prices at least 40% lower than hotel rates.

  Frequently Asked Questions about cindyagency
What is Cindyagency? The costs for dating service. Can I get the lady's street address, e-mail address and telephone number? Where do I send and receive my e-mails? How do I pay? Can I send photos with my e-mail? and so on. All answers here!

  Contact manager at our dating agency
If you have any questions or problems with dating service please contact our manager on this page. In about 24 hours you will receive a reply.

Russian brides

  Russian brides, russian girls and russian women for dating and marriage
Our dating agency offers dating service for single men from Western Hemisphere and Ukrainian or Russian ladies. This is the main page of our dating site.

  Hot Russian brides living in Dnepropetrovsk cty
Would you like to date the most beautiful Russian brides who reside in Dnepropettrovsk? Visit this page their photos and ID profiles are here.

  Dating Russian brides :: Short list of the recommendations for the first date
As it is known Russian brides are fond of telling that they would like to go out only with the ideal man and so on. But when it comes to the concrete demands to the ideal man, they turn out to be not so heightened. We have asked our women two questions: "What are those things that appall you in a man once and forever?" and "What are those things that you like very much in them?" And according to their answers we have made a short list of the recommendations for the first date.....

  Meet a Russian bride at our social
Our dating agency holds the series of socials for our clients during a year. There are some stereotypes about beautiful Russian brides among the men. Read this article and it may help you to destroy the myths about the beauties.......

Russian girls

  Sexy Russian girls from Krivoy Rog
Meet sexy Russian girls from Krivoy Rog. Find personal info about them: name, age, profession and so on. And of course lots photos.

  Russian girl's revelation: Which man the woman would never leave
Planning to get married we, women, think how many of truly men merits that are really attractive for women and priceless for family life, our chosen one man has. There are five features like that in general.....

  The common things about Russian girls
Often women automatically, and sometimes even completely purposely, send the signals to the men about their interest in them and the desire to flirt. The list of them is huge and it depends on the concrete culture and situation. Here are the most spread signals of flirt......

  Russian girls :: The romantic relationship
The romantic relationship with a woman is pretty difficult case. You meet the girl and it seems to you that everything is fine, until you understand that you communicate with a creature from different planet. The purpose of the woman......

Russian women

  Single Russian women living in Zaporozhye
Single Russian women from Zaporozhye seeking marriage with western man too. Don't miss your chance! Find woman of your dreams! All ladies are looking for serious relationship.

  Types of women according to orient horoscope
According to orient horoscope there are 4 types of women: romantic, strong, charming and independent. Read about their personality, habit in family life. Find out representatives of 4 types of women in history.......

  What is a Russian woman's happiness and how to create it?
It is true that woman's happiness depends on men in most cases. If you arrange the questioning among the Russian women, you will probably get the following answers. Read more.......

  Russian women preferences in love-affair
What russian women really like in men? Women tastes change with their age, due to the weather, time of the day, season, their mood and God knows with what else. So, in a word, if man wants to be liked by a woman he needs....

  Compliments to Russian women :: Some simple rules that may help you
Very often men think that they can charm the women with a lot of compliments. But this is not quite true. Giving a beautiful woman a great deal of compliments concerning her appearance, a man will surely sign himself as a looser as many men before tried to act in this manner and were all forgotten by the beauty.....

  Look at woman's eyes and define her feelings, emotional states and moods
Woman's eyes is the most informative component of the appearance. The peculiarities of character, past experience and even intellectual abilities are reflected in eyes. You can define her feelings, gradations of emotional states and moods looking in her eyes.....

  An interesting men for Russian women
Don't hide your abilities and opportunities!!! Demonstrate them. It is very important to be self-satisfied, so you become even more attractive for russian women. Read more about dating practical advices from single russian women....

  First date with single Russian women
After you became acquainted though our site and had a long (or not so long) correspondence or phone calls, you decided to come for the first date to Dnepropetrovsk. How should you spend the first date with the Russian woman to interest her, how should you behave during the date? We tried to answer these and other questions in this article.....

  About marrige with Russian woman
As is well know, there is mental and cultural difference between Russian women and American men. Here, in the article, are some general recommendations for the men who will marry Russian women. The most important side for the Russian women in the relationship is the emotional part of it and all the rest has not much importance.....

  What Russian women want. The woman speaks
Some men consider Russian women to be a puzzle, the others think that they are delicate and mysterious. What are the mistakes in the men's thoughts about the women and what they want.......

  How Russian women realize ideal man to marry and have happy family
We have questioned 100 our clients, Russian women who registered their profiles in our dating agency. There was only one question: What is your ideal man to love and get married. To your attention men, here are some interesting answers from single Russian women:.....

Mail order brides

  Russian mail order brides dating russian lady wife
Russian mailorder brides marriage agency introduce russian ladies for men seeking future russian wife.

  Meet Russian mail order bride through the Internet
Any man that has relationship with Russian mail order bride would say the same: the worst thing is distance and waiting. That kind of relations would make think about everything: starting from appearance and ending with moving to another city or country. So, how to deal with worried thoughts and feeling of loneliness that bother to sleep at night....

Russian dating tips

  Russian dating guide, dating tips and advice for Western men
Please read weekly added articles about dating which was written real russian woman named Anna Zubko. You wiil find a lot of useful info about short list of the recommendations for the first date, the common things about Russian girls, or even Russian bride's horoscopes.

  The science of Socionics reply: How to choose a Russian wife
There are a lot of ways to find your second half but one of the most interesting is suggested by the science of socionics. Sexologists and the experts of the family relationships have proved long time ago that love, lives in hearts no longer than three or five years. Then it is replaced by the habit. Unfortunately, if a husband and a wife psychologically are not compatible, even their common way of life or life goals will not be able to protect their marriage from divorce......

  Find Russian wife through the Internet
Lately marriages happen not in heavens, but in the Internet. The men believe less in occasion meetings and actively begin to look for their destiny in the net. Here are my common conclusions about acquaintances in the net.....

  Love relationship and the age difference
Among the millions of the same age couples, there are the couples with the 10, 20 and even 40 years of age difference. Then public opinion comes and makes us think about the importance of connection of our life with this particular person. If you have some doubts, then you should think about the decision of your living together. Let's consider some typical situations, which will help you to put the accents in the right way......

  About presents for Russian ladies, woman's character and flowers
When it comes to choosing a present it is necessary to think over all the small details of it, for a person to estimate it in a proper way. The first step is to get to know everything about a woman's sympathy. What is her favorite color? Does she have her favorite flowers? What hobbies does she have.....

  Say "I love you" by flowers!
If you decide to present the bouquet to your Russian bride, but you do not know the meaning of some flowers and colours. Please, read our dating advice. Perhaps, it will help you to make the right choice......

  All about Russian bride's eyes, lady's eyes color and her personality, girl's mimicry and gestures
Eyes are the main woman's weapon. Their charm and beauty, their steel-blue shine and stubbornness make men to submit to women and make all the possible things to achieve the shine in the beloved woman's eyes in return. But as it is known a man is rarely looking into woman's eyes. This "detail" doesn't bother him a lot. Because on looking into women's eyes you can get to know many interesting things not only about woman's character, but also about her temperament.....

  What color of clothes do Russian women prefer to wear?
Have you decided to present your Russian woman a piece of clothes? We will try to give you advice in this question. It is very important, because the color of clothes influence her appearance and mood. And how make the right choice of the colour?......


  Russian bride horoscope :: Cancer
The best place for the first date with this woman is the restaurant with a very special atmosphere that is conducive to more personal contact and that sets apart it from all the others. Give Cancer an opportunity to tell you about herself. Tender and affectionate smile is all she needs.....

  Russian bride's horoscope: Aries
She can be compared to the burning torch that will inflame the passion in men's hearts. Her walking through the life is confident and independent. Supermen should hurry to conquer the woman of this fire sign, because usually she does that by herself......

  Russian bride's horoscope: Taurus
Woman Taurus is a personification of feminity. Her figure is ideal and the secret is in her eyes. Once you look into her eyes, you get under her enchantment sand you will never get out of it! This type of women is not necessary to teach how to dress nicely and to show out all their advantages......

  Russian bride's horoscope: Gemini
You fell in love with a woman - Gemini? Then you have nothing else to do but try to provoke her curiosity. Make her interested in something unknown for her. You should charm her as an interlocutor telling her about your traveling and everything you did in your life......

  Russian girls horoscope: Virgo
You need to create a very natural atmosphere for your first date. Girl Virgo likes clever, intelligent talks and cultural people. She estimates spiritual contact and possibility to share something in the relationship with her friend most of all. She is not interested in sex as it is. Tactlessness, vulgarity and tasteless and provoking style in clothes can act repulsive on her.......

  Russian girl's horoscope: Capricorn
This girl has a high claim to the potential partner. She likes strong men, who always win. Ambitious is the main quality of the character of the woman - Capricorn......

  Russian girl's horoscope: Aquarius
Friendship plays a great role in the life of women-Aquarius. She has lots of friends, and she doesn't distinguish them judging from their social position. And the same thing is about her relationship with the love partners. She wants to try different sides of life......

  Russian girl's horoscope: Pisces
It is not so easy to forget her charming smile and alluring glance. The man who starts to flirt with this dreaming woman risks to be under her magic. Men's hearts are easy catches for her, even if she doesn't have a goal to catch them. In the love affairs this mysterious lady has her peculiar tactics......

  Russian women: Leo
These russian women play with fire very eagerly, because they want to make sure that they are very sexual in practice. When this woman appears all the looks are aimed on her immediately. Her graceful manners and pectoral voice help her to charm any man without effort......

  Russian woman Libra
Sexy Russian women - Libra wake up erotic fantasies and you can hardly find a man who is able to resist their charm. They get acquainted with the most interesting men and they easily get in touch with people. These Russian girls are great masters of love play......

  Russian woman Scorpio
This woman seems to be cold and self-restrained, but in fact the passions boil up in her soul. She is gifted with a special magnetism, and in combination with capriciousness of her nature it makes the highly explosive mixture......

  Russian woman's horoscope: Sagittarius
You can hardly find another woman who would have the same free views on sex as lady-Sagittarius. She can easily follow the feeling that may arise in her soul as she's a modern woman who isn't used to be depressed but to cast a glove to any forbiddance.....

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  About Dnepropetrovsk city
Dnepropetrovsk is the capital of oblast or region and the largest in Ukraine after Kiev. Please read at the page about location and population, climate and weather and how to get to Dnepropetrovsk from USA or Europe

  About Krivoy Rog
Krivoy Rog is the second city in Dnepropetrovsk region by population. Also you can learn general info about Krivoy Rog, how to get to the city and so on visiting this page.

  About Poltava
Review about Poltava: climate and weather, history and cultural life, the sights of Poltava and museums. The modern Poltava and people living in city. Lately added brides from Poltava dating agency

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Zaporozhye is the capital of Zaporozhskay oblast. See more details about the city: location and population, climate and weather and how to get to Zaporozhye at this page.

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