The distance between people is defined in terms of kilometer and Norton square. Therefore the distance between Russian and English speaking people is define by the total distance between two locations. One could be surrounded by the residents of western Europe and North America and be considered as the ‘ Neighbor of the Day ‘ in the book of days. In this connection, it is worth mentioning that Russian women will consider West- European men as their ‘bonus’ and a ‘specialist’ in comparison with local men.

For the same reason, the residents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will consider local men as their ‘master race’ in comparison with the westerners. In a similar way, the men from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus consider western men to be the ‘priors’ in the family and in the community.

In this article we would discuss the relationship between the average Russian woman and the American men, with whom she has a greater or equal relationship with. The relationship is of a romantic nature in both sides, but the objectively ‘rate’ of the relationship is far greater. In this connection, every country has an identity, but the identity depends on the relationship with the local women.

From the statistics that I have no choice, I can state that there are 7 times more men in Russia that there are women; consequently the number of women in Russia is more than 5 times the number of men. If we round up, there are about 30 female workers for every 10 male in Russia, this means the ratio is about 8:1. If we agrees that there are about 180 women over men in Russia, this gives a ratio of about 5:1. If we leave out the Ukrainian women and their correspondingly high male-female ratio of 2:1, we can say that the ratio of women to men is about 5:1. In this connection, the UNICEF statistics gives Russia’s male-female ratio as high as 80% and indicates that the ratio of men to women in Russia is bigger than the population of Statistics based on population. Russian women are no different from women in other countries.

The UNICEF statistics indicate that in families with more than one woman, the marriage rate is higher than the general population. In fact, the difference is so great that one would expect a lady to have about twice as many children as a gentleman. Ladies who live in areas with high population of men are likely to devote more attention and spend more time in their gardens, parks and lookout points.

The next thing to notice would be the size of a woman’s neighborhood. Apartment dwelling ladies are likely to live inpatient comeback Finland, Australia and New Zealand whereas their counterparts appeal more to other countries.

During the time of the economic crisis in Russia, the country’s industries were crippled, and with the approaching bankruptcy of theist favors, women were left without jobs or anything else to pay their bills with. The associative abilities of a lady depends on her social circle. Visiting some twenty or so of the lady’s friends during a couple of weeks would indicate the social status of a woman to a stranger. Invariably, a lady’s friends would consider her to be a highly social woman with a vibrant social life. This implies that her close circle of friends is bigger than the social circle of a comparable man. She probably leads a decently managed but employee-less life like many women in Russia.

The relations between a Russian woman and a Western man are pretty much the same with that of a Russian woman and a local Ukrainian man. Obviously, the social relations of a Russian woman are figured out in terms of her family, but the essence of the matter is that there is less social stigma enjoyed by a Russian woman marrying a foreigner from the West. Ukrainian women usually would prefer a western husband since the man is perceived as more stable and professionally driven. In Ukrainian culture, a Ukrainian woman is expected to have a good career and to be good at housekeeping. On the other hand, there are many Russian women who would like to have a good family and start a family and would do anything to fit into this phase. In this connection, there is a good and increasing exchange of love letters and meeting people on the Internet between the two sexes.

Another important factor is that there are many dating agencies with web sites and online newspapers. This has helped a lot in realizing the effect of matchmaking abroad. Russian women tend to have a better chance at getting a good husband abroad in comparison with Russian men. Russian men can also have a better chance at getting a good wife in Russia as compared to abroad. Russian women are always willing to leave their families and relatives to have a better life elsewhere, or at least make it possible for their husbands to meet there. There are those who can’t leave their families, and these people are either less happy or unwilling.